NBC News reporter floats notion of Michael Avenatti-Donald Trump Jr. charity fight

NBC News reporter floats notion of Michael Avenatti-Donald Trump Jr. charity fight

We typically avoid hot-button political issues or political figures in the sports department, but this item cannot be ignored.

On Tuesday, citing the Twitter words of NBC News and MSNBC reporter Dylan Byers, lawyer Michael Avenatti—who represented adult-movie star Stormy Daniels during her lawsuit encounter with President Donald J. Trump and garnered national attention during the recent confirmation process of now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh—apparently wants to fight a member of the Trump family.

But this charity bout goes deeper than boxing.

Soon after Byers’ Tweet went public, Avenatti confirmed his interest with the following post.

Regardless of political preference or the likability factors of either personality, it would be hard to deny the appeal of watching Avenatti and Donald Trump Jr. go toe-to-toe in the Octagon, Cage … or whatever term universally depicts the fighting ring with mixed-martial arts.

In just a few months’ time, the two parties have become adversarial figures on Twitter, and through various forms of media.

Which brings us to this: Given all the bluster accompanying today’s political landscape, it’s a wonder that more opposing personalities don’t square off in combat sports.

Especially for charitable purposes.

As for which “fighter” would have the edge, when pitting Avenatti vs. Trump Jr. … here’s a small-sample comparison:


AGE: Avenatti, 47 … Trump Jr., 40

HEIGHT: Avenatti’s 5’9″ … Trump Jr. stands at 6’1″

ATHLETIC PROWESS: Avenatti has raced cars professionally in the U.S. and Europe … Trump Jr. has video evidence of dead-lifting 375 pounds

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