Metro North Grand Central Terminal cancellations, major travel delays

Metro North Grand Central Terminal cancellations, major travel delays

Commuters were stranded in Grand Central Terminal during the evening commute, May 15, 2018.

AP Photo/Donald King

Transit-service cancellations out of New York City’s Grand Central Terminal set off some major travel delays on Tuesday evening.

The Metro-North Railroad suspended service on tis Harlem, Hudson, and New Haven lines for a time, advising customers to find alternative travel accommodations. Service has since resumed on the Hudson line, between Grand Central Terminal and Croton-Harmon, according to Metro-North, with delays of up to one hour expected.

The New Haven line was also back up and running on a limited basis as of about 6:30 p.m. local time, also with delays of up to one hour, and reduced access to Grand Central.

The agency said there were multiple downed trees on the New Haven line and that trains en route would remain at stations until further notice.

Local reports indicated surge pricing for alternatives like Uber had increased dramatically as transit service ground to a halt.

Here’s how the scene looked from Grand Central Terminal earlier Tuesday evening:

The tristate area saw a mix of powerful weather on Tuesday with reports of rain, wind, and golf-ball-sized hail in some areas, WPIX reported. Tornado warnings were also in effect for a time in some portions of upstate New York and Connecticut, the news station said.

The National Weather Service issued severe-thunderstorm warnings from Maryland to New Hampshire, Reuters reported. Those warnings were accompanied by more than two-dozen reports of hail from Ohio to Pennsylvania, New York and Connecticut, the news service said.

Power outages added to the chaos on Tuesday evening, and flight delays out of New York’s three major airports numbered in the hundreds.

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