Europe’s New ‘Travel Bubbles,’ Double Airline Miles, Dining With Mannequins And More

Europe’s New ‘Travel Bubbles,’ Double Airline Miles, Dining With Mannequins And More

Europe Creates ‘Travel Bubbles’ and ‘Tourist Corridors’

As nations begin to lift restrictions and reopen international travel, several European countries have created so-called travel bubbles (or tourism corridors). The idea behind it is that if two countries have successfully reduced the number of Covid-19 cases, citizens who live inside one bubble can enter another bubble country without having to be quarantined. If it works this summer, other countries—including Australia and New Zealand—may adopt the practice.

JetBlue and Southwest Announce Double Points Promotions

In an effort to lure back passengers, both Southwest and JetBlue recently announced promotions to offer frequent flyers double points for booking travel. American Airlines is also offering bonus miles for new bookings. The question is, will customers take a flier on these deals? 

A State-By-State Guide to America’s Re-Opened Beaches

Want to sunbathe at the shore this Memorial Day? Here’s a state-by-state guide to the new beach rules and regulations—and tips on how to stay safe.

Travel Wise

There are far bigger issues to worry about with Covid-19, but in case you’re wondering whether the coronavirus acronym is masculine or feminine, L’Academie Francaise, which decides whether nouns take a la or a le, has ruled. Officially speaking, the word covide is feminine. 

Will Mannequins Help Ease Social Distancing? 

As restaurants start to return, social distancing rules will still be in effect. But don’t be surprised if the people table next to you are awfully quiet. The renowned The Inn at Little Washington will seat mannequins dressed in vintage clothes at some tables so diners don’t feel so alone. And other restaurants around the world have used similarly creative methods to dine at a distance.

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