A Conversation With The CEO Of Indochino On Destination Weddings, Suits, And Travel

A Conversation With The CEO Of Indochino On Destination Weddings, Suits, And Travel

Suits are back in style. The grandfathers of young men today had suits made for them. But it seems as if an interest in haberdashery skipped a generation. The fathers of Millennial men were the ones who traded in the suit for business casual. And while many professional men can still show up to the office without a jacket or tie, they are buying suits again. And a big reason for that is simply, they are more affordable and accessible than ever. I spoke with the CEO of Indochino, one of the leading custom suit makers in North America, about why young men are buying suits again.

“Millennials want experiences; and we strive to make the suit buying process just that. The experience in the showrooms is a lot of fun, customers come in with friends and family, they get to see and touch the fabrics and work with a specialist on what will look best.” Said Drew Green, CEO of Indochino. When you step into an Indochino store as a new customer you are greeted by your specialist and they guide you through the entire process. First you are sized. They take dozens of measurements, jotting them all down in their iPad while you stand on a pedestal in front of a mirror. Then you talk style and fabrics. Do you need a tux, a suit, an overcoat, a few shirts? You will see samples and then once you’ve landed on the styles, it’s time for all the customizations. Monograms, linings, buttons, you name it, you get to choose the look and feel.

Young men today are traveling more than their fathers. According to a study by Condor Ferries, “82% of Millennials travelled last year, compared with 75% of all other generations.” This means that they are busier as well. So, time is highly valued. At Indochino, they have worked hard to get delivery times down to just two weeks. “The speed and the ease of delivery has allowed us to give consumers the promise of a well-fitting suit in light speed, which was unheard of before.” Says CEO Drew Green.

They’ve been able to connect with men all over America, not only because of that speed, but also because each garment is one of a kind. Every shirt, jacket, and suit is not only made to measure, but all the little details are chosen by the customer. This is especially a lot of fun for wedding parties. The destination wedding is having a renaissance at the moment, no longer are couples just going to the Caribbean when they don’t feel like doing it at home, they are going all over the world. Ask anyone in their late twenties or early thirties and surely, they have at least one European wedding on their calendar. “Our suits match the one-of-a-kind nature of a wedding day. We wanted to revive the custom suit and we are doing that with our affordable line up. Truly, a made-to-measure-suit from us is not that much more of an investment than a rental for a wedding.” Says Green. “We often see whole groomsmen parties in here trying on suits, getting fitted and choosing fabrics together.”

With over 250 fabrics, 150 shirts and 100 outerwear options, Indochino is redefining menswear and they are doing so by keeping up with on-the-go Millennial lifestyle.

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